atelier [ate·​lier], noun, 1. an artist's or designer's studio or workroom.
pattern [pat-ern], noun 1. repeated decorative designs.

Our name symbolises the essence of our company: contemporary making combined with craft heritage to create decorative designs. Our design philosophy is inspired by the Japanese notion that minimalism and beauty go hand in hand.


ATELIER PATTERNS bird logo is inspired by katagami: the Japanese craft of making paper stencils used to create decorative textile patterns on kimono fabrics. These designs influenced the Arts & Crafts movement throughout Europe and the international style of Art Nouveau. Katagami patterns often feature motifs taken from nature, such as birds and flowers, connected by flowing branches and leaves. The patterns have been used to mark special occasions, celebrate the change of the seasons, indicate status, and express beauty and refinement. Similar patterns appear in Arts and Crafts designs by Walter Crane, William Morris and CFA Voysey. ATELIER PATTERNS draws upon this craft legacy and reinvents it for our time through the use of innovative digital technology with natural materials.





Our laser cut and engraved designs are conceived, designed, manufactured and finished in England, using supply chains within the UK. ATELIER PATTERNS is located in the North East, UK with our studio in easy travelling distance of County Durham, Northumberland and Tyne & Wear.


As a design-led brand, crafting designs with long lasting quality, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We ensure that our materials are FSC accredited and we take special interest in the provenance of all materials. Our digital manufacturing process is low energy and uses an efficient design process that means very little waste is created. All of our products can be easily recycled. In addition, wood and paper materials are naturally low carbon.






We believe in the importance of reducing exposure to air pollution within interior environments by using materials and finishes that are certified as Low-VOC or No VOC (Volatile organic compounds).


ATELIER PATTERNS is committed to manufacturing its designs at the right pace to focus on quality and craft. This approach enables our brand to maintain its integrity, retain its uniqueness, and to sustain trusted relationships with partners and clients.